Tips to Help Sensitive Teeth

Don’t you hate that feeling when you sip a cold drink, or bite into your favorite flavor of ice cream, only to feel a thousand tiny daggers stabbing through your teeth. Even warm treats like hot cocoa or any type of food can bring on discomfort and pain if you have sensitive teeth. If you… Read more »

How Vices Can Affect Your Dental Health

We all have our weaknesses. There are times where I feel I can’t get through the rest of a day without having a bite of chocolate. I know too much will do damage in many ways, so I am careful to enjoy it in moderation. That means, too, that I do brush my teeth afterward… Read more »

Cosmetic Dentistry Options

How often have you heard that the one thing that makes you appear most beautiful is your smile? Indeed, you can have a bad hair day or feel upset that your favorite jeans feel a bit tighter than usual, but present your best smile to the world and people don’t seem to notice the flaws…. Read more »

What is Root Canal?

A root canal is the space inside the tooth that travels down the length of the root to the tip. Human teeth usually have from one to four canals depending on the anatomy of the tooth. A damage or infection to the nerve of the tooth that originates from the pulp chamber results in aches,… Read more »

Toothache Pain Relief

Toothache can be very irritating with the coming and going pain and gum swelling, headache and frustration. The toothache has to be taken seriously, since it usually indicates that something is wrong with your tooth.  With the major toothaches you may not even identify which tooth is acing, and experience the pain in the entire… Read more »

Dr. Dorfman Rides a Wave

Many of our patients know Dr. Dorfman as the man who helps ensure good dental health. Out on the Oceanfront, however, he’s been spotted riding a wave or two! Dr. Dorfman recently volunteered with the local Wave Warriors Surf Camp, which assists wounded and disabled veterans enjoy an amazing surfing and beach experience on our… Read more »

Professional Teeth Cleaning

Dentists recommend brushing your teeth at least twice daily to maintain the healthy teeth. The brushing cleans the little pieces of food off your teeth, but it may not be enough to maintain a good oral hygiene and prevent a variety of dental and medical problems such as gum disease, infection and more. Visiting your… Read more »